Second Trimester

Where has the time gone! I can't even believe we are now into the THIRD trimester. It feels like 13 to 27 weeks has gone so fast.  13 to 24 weeks I still left normal, my bump was still smaller , I could hide it if I wanted to but now entering 28 weeks the bump is getting BIG! This second babe has been a breeze(our first was an amazing pregnancy too! if I didn't have the bump I wouldn't of known I was prego), with occasional pressure, sleepless nights which started around 25 weeks it comes with putting on more weight and having the baby move alot more, she feels to be sitting higher than our first babe was but otherwise it's been great right up until 26 weeks; I got sick and lost my voice completely for 3-4 days then it turned into a bad cough, congestion, body ache mostly in my joints, hot sweats and all during this we were heading to Las Vegas which we had planned months before. Vegas was amazing as always; ill be posting soon about it, but the time change didn't help nor did my cold/ flu for sleeping because of course it's always worse at night so i barley got any rest. On the way home it was horrible, my right ear wouldn't pop on the flight from Vegas to Toronto, I took about 10 halls and had 2 cups of hot water, plus a cold water, coke and v8 to keep me from chocking and freaking out the passengers. Our connecting flight from Toronto to home was delayed and I had so much pain I couldn't handle it I was trying to do everything possible to have my ear pop; I am just thankful I didn't rupture my eardrum. When we arrived home the following day I still didn't feel any better so I decided to go to the hospital and get checked since it was going on 10 days, I had a chest xray, some testing and they checked the babys heart rate and everything was normal but I had a virus and it could take another 10 days for it to pass but there was nothing I could take in the meantime. I hadn't even thought about work and the Doctor asked when I had work and I told her monday.. and she said no you cant do anything but stay home, no talking, no working, just sleep. It has been a long week but a much needed break. Iv never gotten a doctors note or even thought about getting a note to stay home and rest but I am grateful because it helped alot. 
With trimester three comes more planning; I am excited to finished the nursery, so far we have painted, hung the curtains, light and shelves but we have a big to do list of getting Miss V a big girl bed and starting the transition process soon so we can move the crib from her room into the nursery for babe #2. And! continue on the potty training.. thats for another day.