So this post is a long time coming i initially started to write this on March 27 (as per my daft opps.). I finally finished 99% of the play room and it was one of the first rooms i wanted to complete to give the kids there own space to do what they want and just play. I wanted to keep the decor minimal and simple so we can always convert this room into something else down the road when our basement is fully finished, which is why we designed it with french doors, to contain the toys or even if its an office or tv room it will contain the sound aswell.
I wanted a little reading corner where they can walk up to get there own books but a few shelves higher where i can put crafts without them distorting them and then storage bins for all the smaller toys, crafts and all the extra stuffy’s. Having a kids table and chairs was the best decision ever, i remember when i was growing up having my own little table and chair set to do crafts at, puzzles ect was so fun, i felt i had my own place. My parents actually kept the table and chairs and gave them to me when i moved out. I have kept them in storage for so long and when doing the kids playroom i wanted to incorporate apart of my own childhood so these chairs are from my childhood, along with the dollhouse and all the little dolls for the dollhouse were mine and my sisters too. OH! and i cant forget about the little camper, that was mine too and the girls are in love with it.
What is a playroom without a kitchen, this kitchen was in our last house and we got for vail one year for xmas and she still loves it and plays with it. Some of there other bigger toys we keep in the basement and i often switch toys out so they don’t get bored of the same ones all the time. So yes there is more toys!


Wall decals: Chapters
Wall art: Etsy
Shelves/ Bins: Ikea
Carpet: Ikea
Table: Walmart