Happy Home

I can’t even believe we are here, we are done our build, well not fully done but we are living here and have been since then end of October, we decided to move in even though we we’re fully finished because it was too much for the kids to be traveling back and forth from where we were living to the new house and we didn’t think there lifestyle was stable. We wanted to make there life feel as back to normal as possible which meant moving in before counter tops and little details were done.
The delay in counter tops was endless, we finally picked what we wanted and ordered it, had all the measurements done and the waiting game started it was supposed to take 1 week and ended up taking 4+ weeks. The stone we choose didn’t ship when we thought it would, then when the shipment arrived ours wasn’t there we got a call to either wait longer or choose one similar which was in stock, so we decided to choose the stone in stock, then we got a call ours arrived in another shipping container and needed to be cut and polished which would be another week. Finally we got the counter top we ordered and its gorgeous. We love it.
After our counter tops were installed we had the sink + pot filler installed, and water + dishwasher connected. YES we were living without a sink and dishwasher, it was annoying but having our own home again was worth it.
A few little details need to be finished, like lighting in our room ( i cant decide on what i want), a few pieces of trim that is no longer in stock so i will have to track some down, kitchen backslash (another thing i can’t decide on), we are waiting on a replacement front door as ours arrived damaged, with the wrong colour door hinges, only holes for 1 door handle. and the rest is more decor. We need dinning room furniture, new sofas for the living room, as we got rid of ours before moving, rugs, shelves, plants, pictures, desk, nightstands ect.
Looking back it went so fast, it took 22 weeks from digging to living here, it was a process with alot of setbacks with waiting on specific materials and we went over budget in a few areas but overall we are so happy with the outcome and love the lot we got.
Already my husband thinks we should sell and do it again! 1. I dont think i could handle it again this soon, 2. it was already hard enough to find our lot but i loved the process and knowing the amount of work we put into this home. BUT there is a lot that just came for sale near us, similar lot to ours but my husband doesn’t feel the lot is as nice as ours, i haven’t gone to check as im not mentally ready yet, but it would be nice to make a few changes.
We still have all our landscaping to finish, we were not able to fully bring up the ground to where we wanted it before the snow came and we needs to do interlocking brick, stone steps in the front, a deck, we still need a dock and i convinced my husband to build a large covered in patio which will have a flat roof ,which would mean we will have a balcony off our master bedroom! but this is another project and for another post.
I will be posting home photos soon once we have more of the furniture we need. NEXT a playroom post!