waiting game..

We are now settled into our interm house until we start to build again and the process has its opticals. We have looked at numerous properties and the one we thought was the nicest because of the view and ZERO neighbours turned out to be not what we were told.. I went to the municipality to find out how and where we can build a road to the top along with finding out if there are any restrictions on the size of house or stories. Well it turns out that 10 of the 12 acres is actually on agricultural land which means we can not build on it!
We did find a lot 2 acres, flat, 2 mins to the golf course and 5 mins to the ski hill, we seen this property years ago when we first were building our last house, we spoke to the owner a few times and we finally decided to meet with him, we met him at the land, cheque book in hand and we were told there was an offer on the house.. i asked until when and he said noon, and i said noon today? at this point it was 10:45am so we were thinking okay we will get this land no problem, as we stood and talked to the owner a truck pulled up and said i spoke to the gentleman and we are taking the lot. I was in complete shock i just wanted to cry! i thought our search was finally over. After a day of anger, i remember the owner telling us the lot right beside which is also 2 acres is for sale. I went to the municipality to find out if there are any restriction on that lot and surprise surprise there is, since there is a ditch on the property and we want to move it to the property line , the owner told us it won't be an issue but the municipality says otherwise, as the ditch has been there for so long it may be now considered a "creek" and we must get a letter from an environmental specialist to confirm it is a ditch and not a creek. I made the calls and we are waiting for this letter and assessment of the land before purchasing. Its all a waiting game.  As we wait we did find another lot, further but on 2.4 acres on the river, the asking price is WAY more then we want to spend but hubby kinda loves it. He has all these plans and idea. This lot is in a different municipality so i called them to ask if there are restrictions, there is none expect that we need to find out where the floating line starts and ends as its on the river you need to build according due to possible flooding. We are waiting on the agent to get the documents from the owner to see where these lines are. Waiting game again. 
On a better note we have met with our plan designer and our preliminary plans will be ready early next week (9 days) to draft them which feels like a century. If you know of any foundation, flooring, kitchen, plumbling and lighting companies send them over!