Moving Day

This day has finally come we are super excited to be moving! but the catch is we don't have a house yet and from signing the contract to our closing date is 30 days! We have an interim house we will be staying at until we find something; as in something I mean property because where we live there are ZERO houses that we like, there either too small, too old or not our style. We built our house in 2012 with the intention of only staying a few years and moving on, I mentally prepared myself all this time knowing we won't be staying but we have created so many memories here. It started as our first home together, we were engaged, married and brought home our 1st and 2nd daughter here. Vail has grown to love her little spots in the house but she is excited to pack up and move. 
Everyday I am slowly packing inbetween nap times so we don't have alot to do closer to the move day of Feb 26th, we plan to be gone a few days prior to take the time to have the house cleaned but with our crazy winter weather it may not happen.
Our search will continue and you may see more instagram stories of our search and hopefully it will end sooner than later. I will also be looking for an interior designer and recommendations on tile and cabinet companies. If you know someone send them my way! but they have to be able to come to Quebec (La Peche region). 
Ps. This post was written prior to our final day and I am so glad because my eyes and body are dead.

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