House update!

AH! its crazy how far we have come in so little weeks. We are fully framed outside the house and in the garage, shingles are done, basement, garage and front porch cement has been poured, we have all the rough pluming and heating done too. This weekend was a busy one we had windows delivered and they are now all installed, we are still waiting on our patio door, 2 additional side windows and 3 basement windows which are taking longer then expected. This week we have a long list of to do's; all rough in electrical is going in this week, we will be finishing the tyvek around the garage, soffit and fascia is starting too, along with a few additional interior wall frames that need to be finished. We are waiting on exterior installation which is on backorder but hopefully arriving this week so we can install that, we then need to strap it all then we can start the siding. We are hoping by the time our siding arrives we will be done all exterior finishing we need to do before we can start siding. Staying on track with timelines is SO important to ensure we have all the material and items so we can move onto the next thing without delays. Because we don't have a few windows and the patio door our house can not be fully closed in so we can start insulation and drywall, so we will have to figure out a way to close in the large openings so we can move forward inside too. Our front door has been ordered, fireplace is ordered, siding is ordered, cabinets are ready, we still need to decide on so many other things; garage doors, staircase, flooring, interior doors and trims, lighting and colours. I am slowly figuring it out but i need to start ordering now to start on track. I heard an expected move in date is Oct 1st, all i want is before christmas and ill be happy! More updates coming soon.