Happy First

WE MADE IT! We have a one year old and i can’t even begin to explain how fast it went. I think it went even faster because we were so busy with having to move in 30 days then building this summer and spending every moment at the construction site we didn’t even have time to stop and think. I am so thankful she was such an amazing baby, she rarely cried, she would wake up in the night to eat and go right back to sleep, she very rarely got gas, she eats like a horse and is so easy going.
For her first birthday i wanted to keep it simple, modern with little colour. My husband says for every occasion don’t bother going over the top. Well i think this is the first time i didn’t go over the top, i kept it easy and simple just like our little babe.


Stationary: Hashtag Paper
Cake: Bake Mob
Rentals & Decor: Lux Event Rental

Florals and Flamingos

I cannot even begin to imagine we have a TWENTY month old! It's amazing and crazy all in the same thought. Time has flown by and we are starting to plan birthday number two with all that i wanted to reminisce about her first birthday and we always love any reason to celebrate especially when your very own turns ONE! For all first time moms or any mom-to-be its the greatest accomplishment and milestone you will entail. You feel a weight lift off your shoulders and you can start to be slightly less paranoid. The first year there are so many thoughts and wonders if your doing something right, is someone going to judge you, trying to develop the best schedule that works for your baby while still trying to have a little time to keep your insanity.  Regardless how many books, and blogs you read there is no one single right or wrong way, do it your way, do what you think is best and believe in yourself. 

Miss V's first birthday was featured on Oh Its Perfect & Kara's Party Ideas !


Photography: Amy Pinder
Styling & Decor: Lux Event Rental
Stationary: Paper and Pearls