We believe in unicorns

We have a three year old! It still feels surreal this is us and our family. I love planning and this year I came across cute unicorn decor items months prior to starting to plan this party and thats how I decided on the theme. I always try to keep decor a mixture of kids + adult friendly, with simple white linen and hints of gold but still having pops of colour in the napkins to tie in with the balloon garland and kids table kept my theme together. 
My new found love; a super simple DIY balloon garland added a whimsical feel to our greenery backdrop how did i not try this before. I looked at so many tutorials and it seemed much more difficult then it actually was, i didn't end up using a tutorial i created it as i went. 
We we're able to get the four of us in a family photo as baby b was sleeping but miss v felt special and she had our full attention. 
Do you believe in Unicorns?




Photography: Grey Loft Studio
Styling & Decor: Lux Event Rental
Chairs/Linen/Charger Plates/ Cake Stands/
Ornate Table/ Backdrop/ Ballon Garland: Lux Event Rental
Cookies: Sugar Sugar
Cake: Arnie Sweet
Stationary: Hashtag paper

Desert Love

The love for travel and the desert brought together this overall theme for Miss V's Second Birthday.  While traveling in Florida I found the cutest cactus table cloth which I knew I had to use for the party and would be the focal point to the kids table. Which then lead to the custom invitations; keeping them simple yet eye catching had the guests wondering what was in store for the overall party. 

Our 40 foot guest table isn't a standard to an outdoor party, with square white dinner plates and cactus centerpiece which guests were able to take home.  I always try to have everyone seated together as it doesn't happen everyday where you can get all family together for meal if its not a set occasion. 

The desserts table is my favourite to plan and decorate.  We wanted to continue our theme of cactus with our DIY hexagone shelves acting as our statement backdrop piece, paired with our white bar table topped with a ton of delicious themed desserts. And the cake; oh my. I found this cake designer a few years ago and knew her attention to details would not disappoint!

A mini's tablescape paired with matching white resin chairs, square white plates which acted as our chargers paired with super cute square cactus plates, and matching green cups; the children definitely felt so special. 

AND we're featured on Oh Its Perfect & Kara's Party Ideas


Photographer: Kamara Korozuk
Style, Concept & Decor: Lux Event Rental
Cookies: Sugar Sugar
Cake: Catherine Beddall
Cactus Cupcakes & Buttercream Cake: Bake Mob
Stationery: Paper & Pearls

Baby Number Two

I can't even believe this is happening, we are having another baby! We talked about it and knew we wanted another one but didn't mind when it happened, it was always something we had at the back of our minds and if it happened sooner than later that was fine by us. We get so many questions on the daily of when we are having another and its so hard to give an answer when you actually aren't sure yourself, you know you want another but don't want to put pressure on when it actually happens. And its now happening in mid December! I never wanted to have a winter baby especially in the month of December it has to be the worse month ever in my opinion as my sister is born Christmas day and shes never had a party with friends, everyone is always busy, she waits all year for her birthday and Christmas all on the same day, everything is always closed and its freezing; so no outdoor party either. When I took the "P" test and then calculated I told MR. it would be mid December and we both said no!. But its the way it is and regardless as long as baby D is healthy thats all that matters and if anything like miss v the baby will be early which will bring us to end of November early December.
Iv had alot of stress the past couple months with my grandmother terminally ill and leaving us quite quickly after her diagnoses, so I spent alot of time at the hospital, feeding her, rubbing her hair, thinking about her and her situation when trying to stay positive. I feel like this is a gift from her.  Telling me that its okay to move forward and continue on without her.  What is even better is that I was actually pregnant at her funeral and she had a chance to know before physically leaving us. 
But on a positive note we are beyond excited and of course MR. wants a boy and I don't really have a preference as I hope this won't be the last baby. (shhh)  But to tell you the truth our little miss is a sassy girl and being almost two, her attitude is slowly coming out and some days its so hard to keep a straight face when she is pointing a finger at me telling me "no no mama", so having a boy will definitely be a little different and then we can bring some blue into our life. As even our bunny & puppy are females. 
Who run the world? Girls! 
Who run this motha? Girls!

But of course we will be finding out soon and there is no way we could not know the gender my ocd could not handle the unknown. 

Photographer: Amy Pinder