Big Girl Room

Making the transition from crib to big girl bed I honestly thought it would of been alot harder and more work than it actually was. I wanted to use the crib we had for miss v for the new baby and there was no way I was going to have 2 kids in cribs, and I did not want to buy another crib we would only use a short period until miss v got a big girl bed. I decided to order miss v's bed at the end of September along with her new bed sheets and when it arrived we put it all together that night and the next morning she woke up to a brand new bed! she was amazed, she ran into the room and seen the bed, jumped right on and got under the blanket(we have a video). We left her bed in the guest room and her crib in her room for a few days as she got used to seeing the new bed and was able to get on and off herself and understood it was her new bed. We decided not to get a boxspring as it will make the bed too high then she would need a step so we kept the bed with the matress only until shes older and taller. We asked her if she wanted it in her room on Oct 15th and she said yes so that day we took out her crib and moved in her bed and she has been sleeping in her big bed every since. I was amazed, I expected crying, or fussing or even her getting out and coming to our bed but not even once! 
I decided to keep alot of the same decor, her dresser is the same along with some of the pictures and her book shelf but i added a few small details to make it a little more her own.

DSC_0178 (1).jpg

Bed: Walmart USA
Bedding: Society6
Light: Ikea
Dresser: Ikea
Shelf: Ikea
Decor: Home Sense & collected many while on vacation in Florida