Third Trimester

As we are sitting here in the with our little babe the third trimester was a roller coaster. I was previously on bed rest for 1 week nearing the start of my third trimester and because of having a "virus" my OB wanted to ensure everything was still fine with baby so we were scheduled a 32 week ultrasound but prior to that from doing my blood work after my glucose test my results came back different. In different I mean I never even knew this was possible. My OB said that my blood work has changed from 1 blood type to one that I now have antibodies in my blood. The blood lab did not indicate which antibodies so that was the next step in figuring out which letter of antibody. She began to explain that it could be an error on the labs part or it could be that the placenta leaked and my blood and babies blood have crossed which causes antibodies to fight it off. I was immediately freaked out, she said I need to have blood work done within 24 hours but doesn't want the blood work done from a normal lab she wants it done at the hospital. Thankfully her office is located just outside the Montfort hospital, so I ran , well I tried to run as fast as I could since the lab was either closed or closing in 30 mins. I made it to registration then over to the lab just in time. They checked me in and kept asking if I have done any blood transfusions... and if I have a blood transfusion card.. I was puzzled I just kept telling them no, no, never. After reading about antibodies in your blood it is very common when having a blood transfusion which again I have never had. So after the testing I went home and just had to wait it out until my OB got the results. I called there office everyday for the next 3 days until I got the results finally. AND my blood work came back negative for antibodies!! we were so thankful but then were confused at the same time and if we could trust the results.. but our OB reassured us that it was just an error and everything was fine.

Week 33 brought on another flu virus, with complete congestion, cough, fatigue, dryness which was similar to the first flu virus but I didn't loose my voice, but talking for long periods of time I would have a coughing attack, my eyes would water and I would over heat. I then started a sinus infection; which is the worse pain ever, the pain ran across the front of my face above my cheek into my jaw then down into my teeth. Iv never experienced such pain in my life and it was just a waiting game for it to pass. Seeing my OB while sick again I some how lost weight (2 lbs) from my previous appointment. ( and I just had a hamburger before going to her office). We were then schedule for another ultrasound at 35 weeks to ensure the baby was gaining and everything was still on track. At our 36 week appointment we got our results and everything was fine and I had gained my weight back and a little extra to make up for the loss. I could definitely feel the difference in the weight gain and I was overall feeling better.  

Week 38 we made it and baby was doing well; she was moving like crazy! I think she had ran out of space because it felt like my belly was going to pop. I could feel the weight and baby getting heavier and heavier the strangest feeling is sitting and having your belly rest on your legs! its so strange and im sure I had the same feeling with miss v but you forget these little strange things.  Also big boob problem; my boobs were rubbing on my belly which was causing a friction and irritation, I had to reverted to sports bars. Sleeping was getting harder and i was waking up more often to pee and switch positions. AND my legs started to stiffen and tighten up especially while sleeping or trying to sleep. I tried to do stretching throughout the day and before bed most nights but it didn't seem to be helping. The only bonus to a winter baby is no swelling feet! I was able to still wear heels. I seen my OB and also told her that I do not want to go late especially not 10 days like I have heard many do. She is fine with me not going late and also feels there is no reason to wait the extra 10 days.
39 week appointment my OB did a stretch and sweep (its a procedure try to separate the membranes of the amniotic sac, containing the baby, from your cervix which is done in office to try to bring on labour to avoid going late) to hopefully start the labour process and it can be as quick as 48 hours to 1 week before it works and/or if it works at all. She said it may not work this time because the baby wasn't down/close enough.  She was going to try again in 6 days to see what happens.. I was optimistic it will work and we would have a baby on or near our due date! We really want to avoid closer to christmas.
Week 40 and still no baby, on my actual due date my OB was on shift at the hospital and I didn't want to see anyone else so she told me to go see her at the hospital in the evening and she would check to see where baby is, and AGAIN baby was still too high and i was going to see her in a few days to check again. 3 days later on Thursday Dec 14th and baby is still high! She asked if we wanted to be induced sooner or later and we both said sooner, so she put us on the waiting list at the hospital. Because we are only just past our due date we weren't priority yet and will be called when there is an opening. 
Monday December 18th at 6am on the dot my phone rings and its the hospital, they tell us they have an opening! which was shocking we actually thought they were calling to do another ultrasound since when your go back your due date they want to double check on baby but it wasn't that. We had to be at the hospital at 8am to start our induction. 
It was happening! we felt ready before but in the moment when its actually go time we were like omg this is happening. We scrambled to get ready and get miss v to my parents house to make it to the hospital in time. We made it and it all turned out great! 
I will be posting soon about miss b's birth!




Maternity shoot

When brainstorming our maternity pictures for baby number 2 back in July/Aug we planned for a October shoot and I knew I wanted them outside, in a field and had this idea of a horse. But not any photos in a barn, I wanted the the horse to be styled outside in among the gorgeous farm view. Our friends which was Matts' best man coincidentally owns a beef farm but also has horses which worked out perfect. The hardest part about this shoot was the weather! we rebooked our shoot 3 times due to the weather and then of course the day we decide to do it; we got our first snow fall of the year and it was FREEZING! 


Photographer: Amy Pinder
Floral: Pollen Nation

Second Trimester

Where has the time gone! I can't even believe we are now into the THIRD trimester. It feels like 13 to 27 weeks has gone so fast.  13 to 24 weeks I still left normal, my bump was still smaller , I could hide it if I wanted to but now entering 28 weeks the bump is getting BIG! This second babe has been a breeze(our first was an amazing pregnancy too! if I didn't have the bump I wouldn't of known I was prego), with occasional pressure, sleepless nights which started around 25 weeks it comes with putting on more weight and having the baby move alot more, she feels to be sitting higher than our first babe was but otherwise it's been great right up until 26 weeks; I got sick and lost my voice completely for 3-4 days then it turned into a bad cough, congestion, body ache mostly in my joints, hot sweats and all during this we were heading to Las Vegas which we had planned months before. Vegas was amazing as always; ill be posting soon about it, but the time change didn't help nor did my cold/ flu for sleeping because of course it's always worse at night so i barley got any rest. On the way home it was horrible, my right ear wouldn't pop on the flight from Vegas to Toronto, I took about 10 halls and had 2 cups of hot water, plus a cold water, coke and v8 to keep me from chocking and freaking out the passengers. Our connecting flight from Toronto to home was delayed and I had so much pain I couldn't handle it I was trying to do everything possible to have my ear pop; I am just thankful I didn't rupture my eardrum. When we arrived home the following day I still didn't feel any better so I decided to go to the hospital and get checked since it was going on 10 days, I had a chest xray, some testing and they checked the babys heart rate and everything was normal but I had a virus and it could take another 10 days for it to pass but there was nothing I could take in the meantime. I hadn't even thought about work and the Doctor asked when I had work and I told her monday.. and she said no you cant do anything but stay home, no talking, no working, just sleep. It has been a long week but a much needed break. Iv never gotten a doctors note or even thought about getting a note to stay home and rest but I am grateful because it helped alot. 
With trimester three comes more planning; I am excited to finished the nursery, so far we have painted, hung the curtains, light and shelves but we have a big to do list of getting Miss V a big girl bed and starting the transition process soon so we can move the crib from her room into the nursery for babe #2. And! continue on the potty training.. thats for another day.