Third Trimester

As we are sitting here in the with our little babe the third trimester was a roller coaster. I was previously on bed rest for 1 week nearing the start of my third trimester and because of having a "virus" my OB wanted to ensure everything was still fine with baby so we were scheduled a 32 week ultrasound but prior to that from doing my blood work after my glucose test my results came back different. In different I mean I never even knew this was possible. My OB said that my blood work has changed from 1 blood type to one that I now have antibodies in my blood. The blood lab did not indicate which antibodies so that was the next step in figuring out which letter of antibody. She began to explain that it could be an error on the labs part or it could be that the placenta leaked and my blood and babies blood have crossed which causes antibodies to fight it off. I was immediately freaked out, she said I need to have blood work done within 24 hours but doesn't want the blood work done from a normal lab she wants it done at the hospital. Thankfully her office is located just outside the Montfort hospital, so I ran , well I tried to run as fast as I could since the lab was either closed or closing in 30 mins. I made it to registration then over to the lab just in time. They checked me in and kept asking if I have done any blood transfusions... and if I have a blood transfusion card.. I was puzzled I just kept telling them no, no, never. After reading about antibodies in your blood it is very common when having a blood transfusion which again I have never had. So after the testing I went home and just had to wait it out until my OB got the results. I called there office everyday for the next 3 days until I got the results finally. AND my blood work came back negative for antibodies!! we were so thankful but then were confused at the same time and if we could trust the results.. but our OB reassured us that it was just an error and everything was fine.

Week 33 brought on another flu virus, with complete congestion, cough, fatigue, dryness which was similar to the first flu virus but I didn't loose my voice, but talking for long periods of time I would have a coughing attack, my eyes would water and I would over heat. I then started a sinus infection; which is the worse pain ever, the pain ran across the front of my face above my cheek into my jaw then down into my teeth. Iv never experienced such pain in my life and it was just a waiting game for it to pass. Seeing my OB while sick again I some how lost weight (2 lbs) from my previous appointment. ( and I just had a hamburger before going to her office). We were then schedule for another ultrasound at 35 weeks to ensure the baby was gaining and everything was still on track. At our 36 week appointment we got our results and everything was fine and I had gained my weight back and a little extra to make up for the loss. I could definitely feel the difference in the weight gain and I was overall feeling better.  

Week 38 we made it and baby was doing well; she was moving like crazy! I think she had ran out of space because it felt like my belly was going to pop. I could feel the weight and baby getting heavier and heavier the strangest feeling is sitting and having your belly rest on your legs! its so strange and im sure I had the same feeling with miss v but you forget these little strange things.  Also big boob problem; my boobs were rubbing on my belly which was causing a friction and irritation, I had to reverted to sports bars. Sleeping was getting harder and i was waking up more often to pee and switch positions. AND my legs started to stiffen and tighten up especially while sleeping or trying to sleep. I tried to do stretching throughout the day and before bed most nights but it didn't seem to be helping. The only bonus to a winter baby is no swelling feet! I was able to still wear heels. I seen my OB and also told her that I do not want to go late especially not 10 days like I have heard many do. She is fine with me not going late and also feels there is no reason to wait the extra 10 days.
39 week appointment my OB did a stretch and sweep (its a procedure try to separate the membranes of the amniotic sac, containing the baby, from your cervix which is done in office to try to bring on labour to avoid going late) to hopefully start the labour process and it can be as quick as 48 hours to 1 week before it works and/or if it works at all. She said it may not work this time because the baby wasn't down/close enough.  She was going to try again in 6 days to see what happens.. I was optimistic it will work and we would have a baby on or near our due date! We really want to avoid closer to christmas.
Week 40 and still no baby, on my actual due date my OB was on shift at the hospital and I didn't want to see anyone else so she told me to go see her at the hospital in the evening and she would check to see where baby is, and AGAIN baby was still too high and i was going to see her in a few days to check again. 3 days later on Thursday Dec 14th and baby is still high! She asked if we wanted to be induced sooner or later and we both said sooner, so she put us on the waiting list at the hospital. Because we are only just past our due date we weren't priority yet and will be called when there is an opening. 
Monday December 18th at 6am on the dot my phone rings and its the hospital, they tell us they have an opening! which was shocking we actually thought they were calling to do another ultrasound since when your go back your due date they want to double check on baby but it wasn't that. We had to be at the hospital at 8am to start our induction. 
It was happening! we felt ready before but in the moment when its actually go time we were like omg this is happening. We scrambled to get ready and get miss v to my parents house to make it to the hospital in time. We made it and it all turned out great! 
I will be posting soon about miss b's birth!




Lashes or Stashes

Will it be lashes or stashes?! 
Everyone around us has been thinking and telling us its a boy and both hubby and I felt it was another girl. A girl would be the easiest and having a boy would be too perfect. At our ultrasound appointment hubby wanted to find out and I wanted to wait until the reveal with my parents; the tech wrote the gender on the screen then erased it so i couldn't see, I got no reaction from him at all after or during the appointment! I thought his face would give it away but he was a trooper at keeping it together!


We are super happy with the news and papa will have another baby GIRL who can steel his heart too. 


Photographer: Amy Pinder

First Trimester

Hooray! We made it through the first trimester, I was beyond thankful with my first pregnancy as it was a complete breeze, minus the big bump at 30+weeks otherwise i didn't feel pregnant at all. I had a easy pregnancy compared to many other people I have talk too. So far with baby number two I have been super tired ,I just want to sleep at all points of the day and when i'm hungry I feel starving until I start to eat a little then suddenly feel full when normally I wouldn't be and could finish a full meal. At exactly six weeks this so called morning sickness hit, I have never felt like that before, I felt like i was going to puke at any second, my stomach would feel like i haven't eaten in days when really i just ate, its a horrible feeling. It feels like there is just a constant knot in your stomach and it wont go away, i tried to drink and eat often and it helped a little but then it was back again.  This so called morning sickness lasted about 2 weeks and then i started to feel back to normal but still tired. 
We finally decided to tell only our parents on mothers day which was 9 weeks + 2 days we kinda of decided that last minute, we were already at my parents house and decided not to tell them yet but then my grandma was over and then all of a sudden my husband texted me (yes we were in the same room) and said you can tell them.. I really wanted to write it in a mothers day card and sign at the bottom love your two grandchildren to see if my mom would pick up on it, so we rushed out to the store and told my parents we would be back in 10 mins and when we got back i told my mom i forgot her card in the car as i already had given her, her gift. She opened the card and right away said "REALLY!!!" she got it right away, no tricking her. Now that night we went to the cottage which happened to fall on a Sunday which is our normal cottaging day and we gave Matt's mom her gift and she told us she would open it later, well later came when we were about to go home we told her to open it before we leave, she read the card and opened the gifts and thanked us and that was it. She didn't catch on and matt and i looked at each other and we knew before hand we didn't want to tell her unless she figured it out for herself. So we left it at that, but then matt's like dad did you read the card; and he right away figured it out and was like "REALLY" then matt's mom didn't know what we were talking about, but then she figured it out because she said she saw something about grandchildren but thought we made a mistake when writing the card.  It was such a hilarious moment, but we are glad they can stop with the 1000 questions as to when will you have another one. 
But since our parents, my grandmother and our siblings are the only people who know we wanted to wait until the first ultrasound to confirm everything is going to plan before getting ahead of ourselves and telling the rest of our friends and family.  The anticipation feels like forever and thinking back on my first pregnancy it felt like it all went quick but with this one it feels like time isn't moving. We are super excitied for our second ultrasound to finally find out the gender so we can start thinking baby names!

Baby Number Two

I can't even believe this is happening, we are having another baby! We talked about it and knew we wanted another one but didn't mind when it happened, it was always something we had at the back of our minds and if it happened sooner than later that was fine by us. We get so many questions on the daily of when we are having another and its so hard to give an answer when you actually aren't sure yourself, you know you want another but don't want to put pressure on when it actually happens. And its now happening in mid December! I never wanted to have a winter baby especially in the month of December it has to be the worse month ever in my opinion as my sister is born Christmas day and shes never had a party with friends, everyone is always busy, she waits all year for her birthday and Christmas all on the same day, everything is always closed and its freezing; so no outdoor party either. When I took the "P" test and then calculated I told MR. it would be mid December and we both said no!. But its the way it is and regardless as long as baby D is healthy thats all that matters and if anything like miss v the baby will be early which will bring us to end of November early December.
Iv had alot of stress the past couple months with my grandmother terminally ill and leaving us quite quickly after her diagnoses, so I spent alot of time at the hospital, feeding her, rubbing her hair, thinking about her and her situation when trying to stay positive. I feel like this is a gift from her.  Telling me that its okay to move forward and continue on without her.  What is even better is that I was actually pregnant at her funeral and she had a chance to know before physically leaving us. 
But on a positive note we are beyond excited and of course MR. wants a boy and I don't really have a preference as I hope this won't be the last baby. (shhh)  But to tell you the truth our little miss is a sassy girl and being almost two, her attitude is slowly coming out and some days its so hard to keep a straight face when she is pointing a finger at me telling me "no no mama", so having a boy will definitely be a little different and then we can bring some blue into our life. As even our bunny & puppy are females. 
Who run the world? Girls! 
Who run this motha? Girls!

But of course we will be finding out soon and there is no way we could not know the gender my ocd could not handle the unknown. 

Photographer: Amy Pinder