Bunny Love

Some bunny is happy! I am happy to introduce our newest member to our little family, her name is Holly she is a golden little lion head bunny born on February 17th, 2017. I have been bugging for a bunny for two or more years and iv been occasionally searching which feels like forever. I knew I wanted something fairly small but still child friendly, easy to train and the super cute golden colour. I found a few bunnies I fell in love with but one was sold and the other wasn't the exact colour I wanted so I continued to search. I finally found her and had to have her, I put a deposit on her and waited until I was able to pick her up.
It was such a sad feeling taking her from her family as her parents and sisters were all still there together in the same house. The breeder had four kids herself with one on the way and two dogs so I knew there wasn't going to be an issue with miss V and her loud monkeyness. 
The first night miss v was very unsure of Holly but day two she was 100% in love, trying to pet her, wanted to fill up her food bowl and put out more hay for her. When it was bed time it was a crying scene not wanting to leave Holly. If it was possible Holly would be sleeping in the crib with her. I am super excited to watch miss v grow with Holly.