Summer planning

With summer approaching we want to take a week at least to travel within 10 hours and explore. Since Miss V is almost two its much easier to pack up and go somewhere, she can just eat on the run with us.  But having to be in a car for along period might be an issue. I have been researching places in Ontario and Nova Scotia since we can visit a few friends and family members out there at the same time. We want somewhere with a gorgeous view, clean beaches, a little town with small cute shops but still touristy. 
In Ontario I have found two beaches which look amazing and have so many great reviews Sauble beach and South Hampton beach both are on Lake Huron, which we can visit both along with going into Toronto to a few touristy attractions. Our second option is Nova Scotia which is a little farther than I wanted to travel but the ocean, the towns and touristy option available are endless. I found two beaches; Melmerby beach and Heather beach which look amazing and we can spend a day at both. 
Nova Scotia has always had a place in my heart, as its where my dad grew up when my grandfather was stationed with the airforce in New Glasgow, its where we spent many summers visiting and seeing the small town routines, so going back with our little family will be a great way to start a full cycle of memories + the red sand! 
We are still trying to weigh our options as NS is far but road trips are always fun. To road trip or not to road trip . Send me your fav. spots in NS and tips on road tripping with a little two year old! 
These pictures just make you want to leave tomorrow and travel!

Melmerby Beach NS- image from Google

Melmerby Beach NS- image from Google

Heather Beach NS- image from Google

Heather Beach NS- image from Google

Top 5 Travel Must Have's with a Toddler

This past winter we decided on our first "family" vacation the three of us, we have done weekend trips to Montreal, Toronto & near Quebec City but we haven't done a big trip on a plane with time restrictions. The thing that saved us was planning ahead, I made sure we had diapers, a change of clothes packed in a carry on and had a thin coat with good walking shoes in the car to change into instead of bringing our winter coats and boots along with us too. Also we booked a direct flight to our destination, with a shuttle waiting for us, to bring us right to the car rental. I made sure to book our flight early in the morning so by the time we were on the plane it was her nap time and for our hotel room we had a separate room for Miss V so that she could not "see" us while she was trying to sleep. She will not sleep if she can see us or the TV. 
My top FIVE must haves while traveling are;

Snacks; keeping a toddler distracted with food is so worth it, but not just any snacks. You want to pack snacks that are a little dry and have some salt, like gold fishes or veggie crackers because having there mouth get dry will mean they will want to drink alot of water which helps with keeping there ears from hurting and it allows the pressure to equalize. 

Bring there favorite blanket or teddy from home, having a piece of home that reminds them they are okay and by having the smell of home will keep them calm too. Miss V has her favorite "dodo" (blanket) she calls it because she's a Frenchy haha.

A new colouring book with a only a few crayons kept her busy and didn't leave her with tons of options for colours or making a mess with a box of crayons. She was happy to have a something new to use. 

Car seat backpack carrier, we debated getting one because we didn't really think it was necessary because we weren't bringing our normal leather car seat with us, we were bring our spare one so we didn't care if something happened to it, but this was an actual life saver! It was so much easier for my husband to put it on his back while trying to carry Miss V or the luggage, it was out of the way and mind you, we over packed so I was afraid we would be over the weight limits, I put some of our stuff in with the car seat bag and they never opened it, never weighted it or asked questions. When traveling with a toddler you get 2 free checked luggage; ie. car seat & stroller so we took advantage. 

A few of her favorite toys & a couple beach toys. Having her own little toys from home made it that much easier for her to settle in. She kept busy in the car and in the hotel room while we were getting ready or packing for the day. 

Ocean View

This is how we should all spend our February's on a beach side in paradise where alot of us vacation and where so many live.  Have you ever wondered why you live where you live and if you could move anywhere where would it be.  I have always dreamed of living on the Florida coast; its a short flight, still drivable from Ontario too, the weather is 90% perfect, the shopping is almost 100% better, the food is amazing and the houses are so dreamy, now to convince my snow loving husband is another story. Possibly a vacation home is on the horizon. Yet the best part is every so many hundred feet are walkways with this amazing view of the beach with some areas busier than others, some with huts or umbrellas and others that are just a blank beachside to make you own with your cooler and blanket. Its a dream! 
ps. if you look closely miss v is running into the pictures to bring me my phone, and I of course take it right away and place it on the top of the railing only to realize an hour and a half later at lunch that I don't have my phone, after checking the car and emptying every bag possible still no phone, hubby went back to the parking lot where we first parked and no phone only to finally realize its at the BEACH! and thankfully it was still waiting for me.  Now I have to remember to backup my phone. 
Happy family day from our family to yours & Presidents day to all our American friends! 

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Love Day Bliss

Happy Love Day!
This is officially my second valentine's day spent on a beach rather than in the minus temperatures with layers and layers of winter clothes.  Not to mention on a private beach that we happened to stumbled upon in-between Coco beach and Orlando it was perfect picture! Slightly to the right of us in the distance was the Disney Cruise boat that is definitely on our to do list with miss v, when she gets little older.  I hope your valentine's day is filled with lots of love & flowers!


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The Pier

We made it to the beach for our winter family vacation!
We especially me, I love being in the sunshine state, its been apart of me forever, iv been here too many times I have lost track but the number is quite high being that my grandma used to live here in Florida and we would visit as often as we could throughout the years. But this time was surreal, as the last time I was here I was 20 week pregnant with our now little sassy pants. Eighteen months later she was optimistically scared at first from all the people, the crashing waves and birds but once she had a moment to soak it all in she was loving it. Let's not forget about the sand and say that papa needed a shower before dinner.  
Seeing the locals fishing and all the tourist being tourist this is such a cute place to visit and explore the culture. 


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