So this post is a long time coming i initially started to write this on March 27 (as per my daft opps.). I finally finished 99% of the play room and it was one of the first rooms i wanted to complete to give the kids there own space to do what they want and just play. I wanted to keep the decor minimal and simple so we can always convert this room into something else down the road when our basement is fully finished, which is why we designed it with french doors, to contain the toys or even if its an office or tv room it will contain the sound aswell.
I wanted a little reading corner where they can walk up to get there own books but a few shelves higher where i can put crafts without them distorting them and then storage bins for all the smaller toys, crafts and all the extra stuffy’s. Having a kids table and chairs was the best decision ever, i remember when i was growing up having my own little table and chair set to do crafts at, puzzles ect was so fun, i felt i had my own place. My parents actually kept the table and chairs and gave them to me when i moved out. I have kept them in storage for so long and when doing the kids playroom i wanted to incorporate apart of my own childhood so these chairs are from my childhood, along with the dollhouse and all the little dolls for the dollhouse were mine and my sisters too. OH! and i cant forget about the little camper, that was mine too and the girls are in love with it.
What is a playroom without a kitchen, this kitchen was in our last house and we got for vail one year for xmas and she still loves it and plays with it. Some of there other bigger toys we keep in the basement and i often switch toys out so they don’t get bored of the same ones all the time. So yes there is more toys!


Wall decals: Chapters
Wall art: Etsy
Shelves/ Bins: Ikea
Carpet: Ikea
Table: Walmart

Happy Home

I can’t even believe we are here, we are done our build, well not fully done but we are living here and have been since then end of October, we decided to move in even though we we’re fully finished because it was too much for the kids to be traveling back and forth from where we were living to the new house and we didn’t think there lifestyle was stable. We wanted to make there life feel as back to normal as possible which meant moving in before counter tops and little details were done.
The delay in counter tops was endless, we finally picked what we wanted and ordered it, had all the measurements done and the waiting game started it was supposed to take 1 week and ended up taking 4+ weeks. The stone we choose didn’t ship when we thought it would, then when the shipment arrived ours wasn’t there we got a call to either wait longer or choose one similar which was in stock, so we decided to choose the stone in stock, then we got a call ours arrived in another shipping container and needed to be cut and polished which would be another week. Finally we got the counter top we ordered and its gorgeous. We love it.
After our counter tops were installed we had the sink + pot filler installed, and water + dishwasher connected. YES we were living without a sink and dishwasher, it was annoying but having our own home again was worth it.
A few little details need to be finished, like lighting in our room ( i cant decide on what i want), a few pieces of trim that is no longer in stock so i will have to track some down, kitchen backslash (another thing i can’t decide on), we are waiting on a replacement front door as ours arrived damaged, with the wrong colour door hinges, only holes for 1 door handle. and the rest is more decor. We need dinning room furniture, new sofas for the living room, as we got rid of ours before moving, rugs, shelves, plants, pictures, desk, nightstands ect.
Looking back it went so fast, it took 22 weeks from digging to living here, it was a process with alot of setbacks with waiting on specific materials and we went over budget in a few areas but overall we are so happy with the outcome and love the lot we got.
Already my husband thinks we should sell and do it again! 1. I dont think i could handle it again this soon, 2. it was already hard enough to find our lot but i loved the process and knowing the amount of work we put into this home. BUT there is a lot that just came for sale near us, similar lot to ours but my husband doesn’t feel the lot is as nice as ours, i haven’t gone to check as im not mentally ready yet, but it would be nice to make a few changes.
We still have all our landscaping to finish, we were not able to fully bring up the ground to where we wanted it before the snow came and we needs to do interlocking brick, stone steps in the front, a deck, we still need a dock and i convinced my husband to build a large covered in patio which will have a flat roof ,which would mean we will have a balcony off our master bedroom! but this is another project and for another post.
I will be posting home photos soon once we have more of the furniture we need. NEXT a playroom post!


House update!

AH! its crazy how far we have come in so little weeks. We are fully framed outside the house and in the garage, shingles are done, basement, garage and front porch cement has been poured, we have all the rough pluming and heating done too. This weekend was a busy one we had windows delivered and they are now all installed, we are still waiting on our patio door, 2 additional side windows and 3 basement windows which are taking longer then expected. This week we have a long list of to do's; all rough in electrical is going in this week, we will be finishing the tyvek around the garage, soffit and fascia is starting too, along with a few additional interior wall frames that need to be finished. We are waiting on exterior installation which is on backorder but hopefully arriving this week so we can install that, we then need to strap it all then we can start the siding. We are hoping by the time our siding arrives we will be done all exterior finishing we need to do before we can start siding. Staying on track with timelines is SO important to ensure we have all the material and items so we can move onto the next thing without delays. Because we don't have a few windows and the patio door our house can not be fully closed in so we can start insulation and drywall, so we will have to figure out a way to close in the large openings so we can move forward inside too. Our front door has been ordered, fireplace is ordered, siding is ordered, cabinets are ready, we still need to decide on so many other things; garage doors, staircase, flooring, interior doors and trims, lighting and colours. I am slowly figuring it out but i need to start ordering now to start on track. I heard an expected move in date is Oct 1st, all i want is before christmas and ill be happy! More updates coming soon. 


Buying the view

SOLD! Its officially done, and its ours. We have already cut some smaller trees to make our laneway more accessible for us and contractors which really makes the laneway look 100 times better looking already. I have so many design ideas in my head it keeps me up at night! But most of all we bought this lot for the view. Its slightly farther then we hoped to be but the view and space was exactly what we wanted. Its 2.5 acres on the river with the back of the house mountain view. 
Now to clarify something i am learning quickly is when you live on the water, the water is automatically called the front, and the other side which would technically be the "front" since thats is where our front door would be is now the back. 
We have had a TON of progress and alot happening, we had excavation done, footings poured, drain tile ran, foundation walls poured, hydro pole installed with all underground wiring to our house (so much wiring!) , electrical panel installed in the basement so we can have hydro for framing and our trailer, our foundation has been backfilled. The framing is half done now too! We have floors, exterior and interior walls on the main floor with the second floor starting. Its been such a quick process so far, we have ordered our windows, kitchen cabinets and iv been trying to narrow down flooring options which is the hardest part. We know the hardwood we want but deciding on tile is much harder, there is so many options with shapes, colours and different shades of colours. I have been to numerous stores and none have the same thing which is good but then i like 1 tile at one store then the 2nd store i like another but i want to use just 1 store for all our flooring to have a stream line of contractors from the same place. Narrowing down tile and a staircase is my goal, if anyone has ideas send them my way! More updates coming soon, and a debate with the husband on a deck or no deck, i personally never really liked decks but he wants one... 

Front entry and our dinning room + playroom windows

Front entry and our dinning room + playroom windows

Living room wall

Living room wall

Kitchen View

Kitchen View


waiting game..

We are now settled into our interm house until we start to build again and the process has its opticals. We have looked at numerous properties and the one we thought was the nicest because of the view and ZERO neighbours turned out to be not what we were told.. I went to the municipality to find out how and where we can build a road to the top along with finding out if there are any restrictions on the size of house or stories. Well it turns out that 10 of the 12 acres is actually on agricultural land which means we can not build on it!
We did find a lot 2 acres, flat, 2 mins to the golf course and 5 mins to the ski hill, we seen this property years ago when we first were building our last house, we spoke to the owner a few times and we finally decided to meet with him, we met him at the land, cheque book in hand and we were told there was an offer on the house.. i asked until when and he said noon, and i said noon today? at this point it was 10:45am so we were thinking okay we will get this land no problem, as we stood and talked to the owner a truck pulled up and said i spoke to the gentleman and we are taking the lot. I was in complete shock i just wanted to cry! i thought our search was finally over. After a day of anger, i remember the owner telling us the lot right beside which is also 2 acres is for sale. I went to the municipality to find out if there are any restriction on that lot and surprise surprise there is, since there is a ditch on the property and we want to move it to the property line , the owner told us it won't be an issue but the municipality says otherwise, as the ditch has been there for so long it may be now considered a "creek" and we must get a letter from an environmental specialist to confirm it is a ditch and not a creek. I made the calls and we are waiting for this letter and assessment of the land before purchasing. Its all a waiting game.  As we wait we did find another lot, further but on 2.4 acres on the river, the asking price is WAY more then we want to spend but hubby kinda loves it. He has all these plans and idea. This lot is in a different municipality so i called them to ask if there are restrictions, there is none expect that we need to find out where the floating line starts and ends as its on the river you need to build according due to possible flooding. We are waiting on the agent to get the documents from the owner to see where these lines are. Waiting game again. 
On a better note we have met with our plan designer and our preliminary plans will be ready early next week (9 days) to draft them which feels like a century. If you know of any foundation, flooring, kitchen, plumbling and lighting companies send them over!

Moving Day

This day has finally come we are super excited to be moving! but the catch is we don't have a house yet and from signing the contract to our closing date is 30 days! We have an interim house we will be staying at until we find something; as in something I mean property because where we live there are ZERO houses that we like, there either too small, too old or not our style. We built our house in 2012 with the intention of only staying a few years and moving on, I mentally prepared myself all this time knowing we won't be staying but we have created so many memories here. It started as our first home together, we were engaged, married and brought home our 1st and 2nd daughter here. Vail has grown to love her little spots in the house but she is excited to pack up and move. 
Everyday I am slowly packing inbetween nap times so we don't have alot to do closer to the move day of Feb 26th, we plan to be gone a few days prior to take the time to have the house cleaned but with our crazy winter weather it may not happen.
Our search will continue and you may see more instagram stories of our search and hopefully it will end sooner than later. I will also be looking for an interior designer and recommendations on tile and cabinet companies. If you know someone send them my way! but they have to be able to come to Quebec (La Peche region). 
Ps. This post was written prior to our final day and I am so glad because my eyes and body are dead.

DSC_0206 (1).jpg

Big Girl Room

Making the transition from crib to big girl bed I honestly thought it would of been alot harder and more work than it actually was. I wanted to use the crib we had for miss v for the new baby and there was no way I was going to have 2 kids in cribs, and I did not want to buy another crib we would only use a short period until miss v got a big girl bed. I decided to order miss v's bed at the end of September along with her new bed sheets and when it arrived we put it all together that night and the next morning she woke up to a brand new bed! she was amazed, she ran into the room and seen the bed, jumped right on and got under the blanket(we have a video). We left her bed in the guest room and her crib in her room for a few days as she got used to seeing the new bed and was able to get on and off herself and understood it was her new bed. We decided not to get a boxspring as it will make the bed too high then she would need a step so we kept the bed with the matress only until shes older and taller. We asked her if she wanted it in her room on Oct 15th and she said yes so that day we took out her crib and moved in her bed and she has been sleeping in her big bed every since. I was amazed, I expected crying, or fussing or even her getting out and coming to our bed but not even once! 
I decided to keep alot of the same decor, her dresser is the same along with some of the pictures and her book shelf but i added a few small details to make it a little more her own.

DSC_0178 (1).jpg

Bed: Walmart USA
Bedding: Society6
Light: Ikea
Dresser: Ikea
Shelf: Ikea
Decor: Home Sense & collected many while on vacation in Florida

Third Trimester

As we are sitting here in the with our little babe the third trimester was a roller coaster. I was previously on bed rest for 1 week nearing the start of my third trimester and because of having a "virus" my OB wanted to ensure everything was still fine with baby so we were scheduled a 32 week ultrasound but prior to that from doing my blood work after my glucose test my results came back different. In different I mean I never even knew this was possible. My OB said that my blood work has changed from 1 blood type to one that I now have antibodies in my blood. The blood lab did not indicate which antibodies so that was the next step in figuring out which letter of antibody. She began to explain that it could be an error on the labs part or it could be that the placenta leaked and my blood and babies blood have crossed which causes antibodies to fight it off. I was immediately freaked out, she said I need to have blood work done within 24 hours but doesn't want the blood work done from a normal lab she wants it done at the hospital. Thankfully her office is located just outside the Montfort hospital, so I ran , well I tried to run as fast as I could since the lab was either closed or closing in 30 mins. I made it to registration then over to the lab just in time. They checked me in and kept asking if I have done any blood transfusions... and if I have a blood transfusion card.. I was puzzled I just kept telling them no, no, never. After reading about antibodies in your blood it is very common when having a blood transfusion which again I have never had. So after the testing I went home and just had to wait it out until my OB got the results. I called there office everyday for the next 3 days until I got the results finally. AND my blood work came back negative for antibodies!! we were so thankful but then were confused at the same time and if we could trust the results.. but our OB reassured us that it was just an error and everything was fine.

Week 33 brought on another flu virus, with complete congestion, cough, fatigue, dryness which was similar to the first flu virus but I didn't loose my voice, but talking for long periods of time I would have a coughing attack, my eyes would water and I would over heat. I then started a sinus infection; which is the worse pain ever, the pain ran across the front of my face above my cheek into my jaw then down into my teeth. Iv never experienced such pain in my life and it was just a waiting game for it to pass. Seeing my OB while sick again I some how lost weight (2 lbs) from my previous appointment. ( and I just had a hamburger before going to her office). We were then schedule for another ultrasound at 35 weeks to ensure the baby was gaining and everything was still on track. At our 36 week appointment we got our results and everything was fine and I had gained my weight back and a little extra to make up for the loss. I could definitely feel the difference in the weight gain and I was overall feeling better.  

Week 38 we made it and baby was doing well; she was moving like crazy! I think she had ran out of space because it felt like my belly was going to pop. I could feel the weight and baby getting heavier and heavier the strangest feeling is sitting and having your belly rest on your legs! its so strange and im sure I had the same feeling with miss v but you forget these little strange things.  Also big boob problem; my boobs were rubbing on my belly which was causing a friction and irritation, I had to reverted to sports bars. Sleeping was getting harder and i was waking up more often to pee and switch positions. AND my legs started to stiffen and tighten up especially while sleeping or trying to sleep. I tried to do stretching throughout the day and before bed most nights but it didn't seem to be helping. The only bonus to a winter baby is no swelling feet! I was able to still wear heels. I seen my OB and also told her that I do not want to go late especially not 10 days like I have heard many do. She is fine with me not going late and also feels there is no reason to wait the extra 10 days.
39 week appointment my OB did a stretch and sweep (its a procedure try to separate the membranes of the amniotic sac, containing the baby, from your cervix which is done in office to try to bring on labour to avoid going late) to hopefully start the labour process and it can be as quick as 48 hours to 1 week before it works and/or if it works at all. She said it may not work this time because the baby wasn't down/close enough.  She was going to try again in 6 days to see what happens.. I was optimistic it will work and we would have a baby on or near our due date! We really want to avoid closer to christmas.
Week 40 and still no baby, on my actual due date my OB was on shift at the hospital and I didn't want to see anyone else so she told me to go see her at the hospital in the evening and she would check to see where baby is, and AGAIN baby was still too high and i was going to see her in a few days to check again. 3 days later on Thursday Dec 14th and baby is still high! She asked if we wanted to be induced sooner or later and we both said sooner, so she put us on the waiting list at the hospital. Because we are only just past our due date we weren't priority yet and will be called when there is an opening. 
Monday December 18th at 6am on the dot my phone rings and its the hospital, they tell us they have an opening! which was shocking we actually thought they were calling to do another ultrasound since when your go back your due date they want to double check on baby but it wasn't that. We had to be at the hospital at 8am to start our induction. 
It was happening! we felt ready before but in the moment when its actually go time we were like omg this is happening. We scrambled to get ready and get miss v to my parents house to make it to the hospital in time. We made it and it all turned out great! 
I will be posting soon about miss b's birth!




Maternity shoot

When brainstorming our maternity pictures for baby number 2 back in July/Aug we planned for a October shoot and I knew I wanted them outside, in a field and had this idea of a horse. But not any photos in a barn, I wanted the the horse to be styled outside in among the gorgeous farm view. Our friends which was Matts' best man coincidentally owns a beef farm but also has horses which worked out perfect. The hardest part about this shoot was the weather! we rebooked our shoot 3 times due to the weather and then of course the day we decide to do it; we got our first snow fall of the year and it was FREEZING! 


Photographer: Amy Pinder
Floral: Pollen Nation

Nursery Love

With baby number two I had a vision of simple, natural and clean lines. Our guest room was a light grey colour and we painted it a simple bright white. I complied images and made a inspiration board to help me with my vision, I am a very visual person and always need something to guide me. I keep my vision board saved on my phone and then also make a paper list of everything I need and as I get them I literally cross them off my list. AND I don't like making lists in my phone; I rather have it hand written on lined paper, sometimes ill even have 2 lists. 
We didn't need to order a crib as we had one from miss v so we "just" needed to transition her into a big girl bed. I placed the order for it and the rest is history. I will be blogging her big girl room and the transition soon! It was an actual BREEZE.
For now here are the details on our nursery!
Bassinet: Babies R US
Crib: Fab Baby
Dresser: Structube
Light: Ikea
Basket: Homesense
Hexagone shelves :DIY
Rocking Chair: Structube similar here
Frames: Homesense & DIY dried floral

My inspiration board

My inspiration board


Second Trimester

Where has the time gone! I can't even believe we are now into the THIRD trimester. It feels like 13 to 27 weeks has gone so fast.  13 to 24 weeks I still left normal, my bump was still smaller , I could hide it if I wanted to but now entering 28 weeks the bump is getting BIG! This second babe has been a breeze(our first was an amazing pregnancy too! if I didn't have the bump I wouldn't of known I was prego), with occasional pressure, sleepless nights which started around 25 weeks it comes with putting on more weight and having the baby move alot more, she feels to be sitting higher than our first babe was but otherwise it's been great right up until 26 weeks; I got sick and lost my voice completely for 3-4 days then it turned into a bad cough, congestion, body ache mostly in my joints, hot sweats and all during this we were heading to Las Vegas which we had planned months before. Vegas was amazing as always; ill be posting soon about it, but the time change didn't help nor did my cold/ flu for sleeping because of course it's always worse at night so i barley got any rest. On the way home it was horrible, my right ear wouldn't pop on the flight from Vegas to Toronto, I took about 10 halls and had 2 cups of hot water, plus a cold water, coke and v8 to keep me from chocking and freaking out the passengers. Our connecting flight from Toronto to home was delayed and I had so much pain I couldn't handle it I was trying to do everything possible to have my ear pop; I am just thankful I didn't rupture my eardrum. When we arrived home the following day I still didn't feel any better so I decided to go to the hospital and get checked since it was going on 10 days, I had a chest xray, some testing and they checked the babys heart rate and everything was normal but I had a virus and it could take another 10 days for it to pass but there was nothing I could take in the meantime. I hadn't even thought about work and the Doctor asked when I had work and I told her monday.. and she said no you cant do anything but stay home, no talking, no working, just sleep. It has been a long week but a much needed break. Iv never gotten a doctors note or even thought about getting a note to stay home and rest but I am grateful because it helped alot. 
With trimester three comes more planning; I am excited to finished the nursery, so far we have painted, hung the curtains, light and shelves but we have a big to do list of getting Miss V a big girl bed and starting the transition process soon so we can move the crib from her room into the nursery for babe #2. And! continue on the potty training.. thats for another day.


Lashes or Stashes

Will it be lashes or stashes?! 
Everyone around us has been thinking and telling us its a boy and both hubby and I felt it was another girl. A girl would be the easiest and having a boy would be too perfect. At our ultrasound appointment hubby wanted to find out and I wanted to wait until the reveal with my parents; the tech wrote the gender on the screen then erased it so i couldn't see, I got no reaction from him at all after or during the appointment! I thought his face would give it away but he was a trooper at keeping it together!


We are super happy with the news and papa will have another baby GIRL who can steel his heart too. 


Photographer: Amy Pinder

First Trimester

Hooray! We made it through the first trimester, I was beyond thankful with my first pregnancy as it was a complete breeze, minus the big bump at 30+weeks otherwise i didn't feel pregnant at all. I had a easy pregnancy compared to many other people I have talk too. So far with baby number two I have been super tired ,I just want to sleep at all points of the day and when i'm hungry I feel starving until I start to eat a little then suddenly feel full when normally I wouldn't be and could finish a full meal. At exactly six weeks this so called morning sickness hit, I have never felt like that before, I felt like i was going to puke at any second, my stomach would feel like i haven't eaten in days when really i just ate, its a horrible feeling. It feels like there is just a constant knot in your stomach and it wont go away, i tried to drink and eat often and it helped a little but then it was back again.  This so called morning sickness lasted about 2 weeks and then i started to feel back to normal but still tired. 
We finally decided to tell only our parents on mothers day which was 9 weeks + 2 days we kinda of decided that last minute, we were already at my parents house and decided not to tell them yet but then my grandma was over and then all of a sudden my husband texted me (yes we were in the same room) and said you can tell them.. I really wanted to write it in a mothers day card and sign at the bottom love your two grandchildren to see if my mom would pick up on it, so we rushed out to the store and told my parents we would be back in 10 mins and when we got back i told my mom i forgot her card in the car as i already had given her, her gift. She opened the card and right away said "REALLY!!!" she got it right away, no tricking her. Now that night we went to the cottage which happened to fall on a Sunday which is our normal cottaging day and we gave Matt's mom her gift and she told us she would open it later, well later came when we were about to go home we told her to open it before we leave, she read the card and opened the gifts and thanked us and that was it. She didn't catch on and matt and i looked at each other and we knew before hand we didn't want to tell her unless she figured it out for herself. So we left it at that, but then matt's like dad did you read the card; and he right away figured it out and was like "REALLY" then matt's mom didn't know what we were talking about, but then she figured it out because she said she saw something about grandchildren but thought we made a mistake when writing the card.  It was such a hilarious moment, but we are glad they can stop with the 1000 questions as to when will you have another one. 
But since our parents, my grandmother and our siblings are the only people who know we wanted to wait until the first ultrasound to confirm everything is going to plan before getting ahead of ourselves and telling the rest of our friends and family.  The anticipation feels like forever and thinking back on my first pregnancy it felt like it all went quick but with this one it feels like time isn't moving. We are super excitied for our second ultrasound to finally find out the gender so we can start thinking baby names!

Baby Number Two

I can't even believe this is happening, we are having another baby! We talked about it and knew we wanted another one but didn't mind when it happened, it was always something we had at the back of our minds and if it happened sooner than later that was fine by us. We get so many questions on the daily of when we are having another and its so hard to give an answer when you actually aren't sure yourself, you know you want another but don't want to put pressure on when it actually happens. And its now happening in mid December! I never wanted to have a winter baby especially in the month of December it has to be the worse month ever in my opinion as my sister is born Christmas day and shes never had a party with friends, everyone is always busy, she waits all year for her birthday and Christmas all on the same day, everything is always closed and its freezing; so no outdoor party either. When I took the "P" test and then calculated I told MR. it would be mid December and we both said no!. But its the way it is and regardless as long as baby D is healthy thats all that matters and if anything like miss v the baby will be early which will bring us to end of November early December.
Iv had alot of stress the past couple months with my grandmother terminally ill and leaving us quite quickly after her diagnoses, so I spent alot of time at the hospital, feeding her, rubbing her hair, thinking about her and her situation when trying to stay positive. I feel like this is a gift from her.  Telling me that its okay to move forward and continue on without her.  What is even better is that I was actually pregnant at her funeral and she had a chance to know before physically leaving us. 
But on a positive note we are beyond excited and of course MR. wants a boy and I don't really have a preference as I hope this won't be the last baby. (shhh)  But to tell you the truth our little miss is a sassy girl and being almost two, her attitude is slowly coming out and some days its so hard to keep a straight face when she is pointing a finger at me telling me "no no mama", so having a boy will definitely be a little different and then we can bring some blue into our life. As even our bunny & puppy are females. 
Who run the world? Girls! 
Who run this motha? Girls!

But of course we will be finding out soon and there is no way we could not know the gender my ocd could not handle the unknown. 

Photographer: Amy Pinder

Bikini Love

Does anyone else have a thing for bikini's! (hands up) every year I order 2-3 bikinis for the summer and our annual vegas vacation, but bikini hunting is work. A common question I get asked is; where do you shop for bikinis. I have rounded up some of my summer favourites. 

Simons : heading to the tropics this is a must.

Simons: heading to the tropics this is a must.

Forever21 : Sexy inexpensive cut out swim. Your husband will love it. 

Forever21: Sexy inexpensive cut out swim. Your husband will love it. 

Asos : I love pink + ruffles this super cute swim is perfect for a family vacation.

Asos: I love pink + ruffles this super cute swim is perfect for a family vacation.

Asos : I love this bikini ,i have it and its one of my favorites. I love the detailed black trim. ps go up 1 size in the top.

Asos: I love this bikini ,i have it and its one of my favorites. I love the detailed black trim. ps go up 1 size in the top.

Asos:  Love the trimmed details and this bikini comes in different top and bottom styles! options we need options.

Asos: Love the trimmed details and this bikini comes in different top and bottom styles! options we need options.

Simons : For my love of floral + black this is a must have!

Simons: For my love of floral + black this is a must have!

Forever21  : Gorgeous colours with a summer tan.

Forever21 : Gorgeous colours with a summer tan.

Asos : Think vegas heat and pink flamingos. I want this!

Asos: Think vegas heat and pink flamingos. I want this!

Asos : I have this bikini in 2 colours because i love it so much, especially white with a tan. 

Asos: I have this bikini in 2 colours because i love it so much, especially white with a tan. 

Asos : Simple and cute. I love the mini cap sleeve.

Asos: Simple and cute. I love the mini cap sleeve.

The hunt is over

We made it! The hunt is finally over and we have a new suv. If you have read my previous post here you would know this was a long process but we are happy with our decision and cant wait to go on the next road trip.  We decided on the Audi Q5 for various reasons; space, options, customer service, price, discounts, and accessories! We got the progressiv line with the navigation option along with winter tires + rims and roof rails for our tulle racks. When we talk customer service we are the type of people who don't like the run around and just want everything conveniently done through email or phone. We initially met our sales men at the Auto show we explained exactly what we wanted, the next morning we went in to Audi for a test drive, to see what was instock and talk pricing. We left without buying as we were not 100% set on the Audi we still had 2 other manufactures we were leaning towards too. We got an email from the salesmen to follow up and we asked him questions ect. Which at the point was Monday and we decided over the weekend we were getting an Audi. We told him in an email the extras we wanted and what we wanted to pay he then called me to say he will talk to his manager and see if he can make it happen and i told if you make it happen call me back we will leave a deposit. He called me back within 15 mins and it was a go; we left a deposit over the phone. Plain and Simple! Our information was then passed onto the finance department we completed the application and provided all documents via email, we received an email back the next day we were approved and everything is set. We were initially told it would be a few weeks as the car was here but at the port waiting for transport to the dealer, getting the car from the port was going to take longer than we hoped, well more so my husband; when he finally makes up his mind he wants it now or even yesterday, he hates waiting and he believes there should be no reason as to why the load of cars shouldn't arrive faster.  He actually wanted to cancel the purchase and just buy something instock instead of waiting for exactly what we wanted. (AHH!) but I didn't want cancel and I was fine letting him be mad every day about the situation. But we were offered a loaner car until our car arrived and the Audi manager put an express rush on our suv for it to arrive sooner to the dealer from the port which is great customer service. With a rapid growing technology based lifestlye this is how business should be done. Via email, rush this rush that and it makes us happy customers. 
Beep Beep! I love it so far. 

Comfy Cottaging

Ever since I met my husband we always try to have a family dinner at least once a week with my parents and then his parents. The day to see his parents is Sunday and we cottage. When people think cottage, they think its a seasonal place but for them they are lucky enough to live at the cottage 95% of the time on the river which is the added bonus.  Lounging is my specialty, so comfy legging, and a sweater are a must . A hat cuz who wants to do there hair on a Sunday..  


Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Hat: Gucci
Purse: Louis Vuitton
Pants: Bebe
Sweater: Simons
Shoes: Converse

spring or winter

Just when you thought winter was over, we wake up to tons of snow and a blizzard. Just this past week the snow was melting in the city, there was grass and we had our first day of spring. I never check the weather I go day by day but today no one was expecting snow. We have accumulated 15 cm or 5.9 inches so far and its been snowing all day.
After picking up our monster from daycare she insisted on "boots" "boots" and wanted to play outside. She is definitely like her pappa with loving the snow.