The hunt is over

We made it! The hunt is finally over and we have a new suv. If you have read my previous post here you would know this was a long process but we are happy with our decision and cant wait to go on the next road trip.  We decided on the Audi Q5 for various reasons; space, options, customer service, price, discounts, and accessories! We got the progressiv line with the navigation option along with winter tires + rims and roof rails for our tulle racks. When we talk customer service we are the type of people who don't like the run around and just want everything conveniently done through email or phone. We initially met our sales men at the Auto show we explained exactly what we wanted, the next morning we went in to Audi for a test drive, to see what was instock and talk pricing. We left without buying as we were not 100% set on the Audi we still had 2 other manufactures we were leaning towards too. We got an email from the salesmen to follow up and we asked him questions ect. Which at the point was Monday and we decided over the weekend we were getting an Audi. We told him in an email the extras we wanted and what we wanted to pay he then called me to say he will talk to his manager and see if he can make it happen and i told if you make it happen call me back we will leave a deposit. He called me back within 15 mins and it was a go; we left a deposit over the phone. Plain and Simple! Our information was then passed onto the finance department we completed the application and provided all documents via email, we received an email back the next day we were approved and everything is set. We were initially told it would be a few weeks as the car was here but at the port waiting for transport to the dealer, getting the car from the port was going to take longer than we hoped, well more so my husband; when he finally makes up his mind he wants it now or even yesterday, he hates waiting and he believes there should be no reason as to why the load of cars shouldn't arrive faster.  He actually wanted to cancel the purchase and just buy something instock instead of waiting for exactly what we wanted. (AHH!) but I didn't want cancel and I was fine letting him be mad every day about the situation. But we were offered a loaner car until our car arrived and the Audi manager put an express rush on our suv for it to arrive sooner to the dealer from the port which is great customer service. With a rapid growing technology based lifestlye this is how business should be done. Via email, rush this rush that and it makes us happy customers. 
Beep Beep! I love it so far.