LLama Fun!

I cant believe we have a FOUR year old, i feel happy but also sad how fast life has passed us. Everyday is a new day that brings different challenges with a four year old and we take it as it comes. There’s no way to plan to even prepare yourself to be in this stage. All within the same minute there is happiness, crying, yelling, laughing, joking, grumpy, sad and we never know what will be next.
With miss v getting older she is understanding more and more and when we asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday she said “well we need decorations, we need tables, table clothes, balloons” .. Matt and I both looked at each other and started to laugh, we were expecting a completely different answer! but hey, this girl wants a pretty party!

I wanted to keep this party fun and simple, our theme was llama’s, we actually booked a REAL llama to come to the party which had to cancel the morning of because it rained and the llama got wet and wouldn’t be dry before the party. BUT regardless miss v was happy how everything turned out.

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