Be Spontaneous

An unplanned, spontaneous trip to Toronto was much needed this past friday/weekend.  After an emotional couple weeks and a funeral service on thursday, I definitely needed a change of scenery and to just get away to relax. My parents without hesitation took miss v and we made the drive to Toronto. Spending time shopping; summer clothing shopping for me and bike shopping for him, then an amazing dinner with a planned movie date. We some how lost track of time and didn't make it to our movie which was totally fine by me. We will save it for another time, another getaway.  We also got something special for miss v for Easter! we cant wait to share. Be sure to check back soon. You will love it too!
These views from the roof of our hotel, the weather and an early morning breakfast date was a perfect ending to our little getaway. The little getaways are the ones where you can actually relax and enjoy, I always find when taking a longer vacation there is alot of planning, hustle and bustle of flights and being places at a certain time then wanting to see and do so much. Where as a spontaneous getaway is way easier, it requires no thought, no planning, you just decide and get up and go do it with booking a hotel while driving! We often do that, we decide last minute and we don't even have a hotel booked, we check while driving then book whatever we like at that moment. You should try it. Remember to be spontaneous and continue to make time for yourself and lover. We all deserve it. 

Spontaneous; performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.

Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Leather Coat: Danier Leather
Leggings: Garage
Boots: Aldo