Car Hunting

Who knew shopping for a new suv was so much work! But we do tend to change our cars often, so I feel we have been on this non stop search for ever. In the past couple years we have changed our truck twice we are on our third, and I lost track of how many vehicles we have had, we are now shopping for suv number two which if I do stop to count this will be vehicle number twelve. When shopping for a new vehicle we first look at the fuel economy because we drive a million km we want to get the most km on one single tank of gas because who likes to fill up on a -30 winter day, I think filling up gas has to be the worst thing ever especially when you drive a diesel! Did you gas drivers know that diesel pumps are scarce, they are hard to find, in one day I went to three gas stations looking for diesel and finally on the fourth stop it was there; it felt like christmas morning! and most stations that do have diesel they don't advertise it, so you are having to pull in hoping to see the yellow pump otherwise your on the road again searching. Also what ever happened to the full service stations! this was amazing and the thing best ever for the cold winter days.  
We do love driving diesel because the amount of km you can get per tank but there are only 2 manufacture who are currently making suv's in diesel and we know one has a 3 month wait as you have to order it directly from the manufacture and the other is overpriced. 
The second thing we look at is cargo space, there are so many suv's which appear to be large on the outside and you would think would have a large cargo area but then when you actually look at them and measure the space the design is completely flawed.
The third thing we look at is options vs dollars, because we drive so much we don't want to go overboard with all the options that we don't actually need but still want something we will like all while keeping a budget.
Our must haves are; white exterior, panoramic sunroof,  heated seats, dual climate, backup camera, auto tailgate. USB ports, 40/20/40 seat folding and back seat venting. 
We are currently looking at the BMW X3, Mercedes GLC , Audi Q5, Land Rover Discovery and the Jaguar F-Pace diesel. These five mid size suv's are all within the same price range of $45,000-$54,000 before taxes, all have very similar options within that price range and all have a 10.0/L combined fuel efficiency expect for the diesel its 8.9/L combined.  The biggest difference between them is cargo space and financing rates also one major factor is that with the Q5 you can get brown leather rather than black or beige at no extra cost.  Since we are in the market for finding a new car it just so happened that there was an Ottawa-Gatineau auto show which defiantly helped us narrow down our options to three! Also did you know that you receive special auto-show discounts! The Mercedes GLC we have eliminated as it has a smaller interior and a 550L cargo space, the trunk is fairly narrow and there are none in stock in the colour we want. I really wanted to love the Mercedes as I'v had 2 in the past and my mom drives one but its not for us.  The Land Rover Discovery for it to fit into our must haves, we have to add $ 4750.00 in upgrades which in-comparison to the other suv's is still doable but then there discounts are much less than BMW & Audi and they don't add any accessories at no additional charge. But it also has a 981L cargo area which is a major plus.
We are now down to three suv's; at the top of our list is the Audi Q5 the drive is smooth, the seats are comfy and there customer service has been great, with same day email replies even within 10-15 mins, there standard package comes with everything we want expect a backup camera, which is one of our must haves so we have to get the progressvi model and add the backup camera at $2800, but that also turns the audio into a DVD player and includes navigation, but then if we want that model with the exterior and interior colour we will have to wait a few weeks as its at the Port still.  The BMW X3 is a nice and comfortable suv it sits higher than most but there seats are a little flat and there cargo area is 781 L but the only catch to the X3 is that if you want a panoramic sunroof and auto tailgate you need to add a $4,750 package which is a standard option on all other suv's, there customer service is also great and prompt, they also include a 4 year maintenance package with the purchase but then there financing rate is 1.9% when Audi is 0.9%. There are so many decisions and back and forth questions and appointment but stay tuned to see what we have decided on! What would you choose! 

Photo via manufacture's website