Ocean View

This is how we should all spend our February's on a beach side in paradise where alot of us vacation and where so many live.  Have you ever wondered why you live where you live and if you could move anywhere where would it be.  I have always dreamed of living on the Florida coast; its a short flight, still drivable from Ontario too, the weather is 90% perfect, the shopping is almost 100% better, the food is amazing and the houses are so dreamy, now to convince my snow loving husband is another story. Possibly a vacation home is on the horizon. Yet the best part is every so many hundred feet are walkways with this amazing view of the beach with some areas busier than others, some with huts or umbrellas and others that are just a blank beachside to make you own with your cooler and blanket. Its a dream! 
ps. if you look closely miss v is running into the pictures to bring me my phone, and I of course take it right away and place it on the top of the railing only to realize an hour and a half later at lunch that I don't have my phone, after checking the car and emptying every bag possible still no phone, hubby went back to the parking lot where we first parked and no phone only to finally realize its at the BEACH! and thankfully it was still waiting for me.  Now I have to remember to backup my phone. 
Happy family day from our family to yours & Presidents day to all our American friends! 

Sunglasses: Coach 
Skirt: forever21 
Bikini: billabong