The Pier

We made it to the beach for our winter family vacation!
We especially me, I love being in the sunshine state, its been apart of me forever, iv been here too many times I have lost track but the number is quite high being that my grandma used to live here in Florida and we would visit as often as we could throughout the years. But this time was surreal, as the last time I was here I was 20 week pregnant with our now little sassy pants. Eighteen months later she was optimistically scared at first from all the people, the crashing waves and birds but once she had a moment to soak it all in she was loving it. Let's not forget about the sand and say that papa needed a shower before dinner.  
Seeing the locals fishing and all the tourist being tourist this is such a cute place to visit and explore the culture. 


swimsuit: asos
vail swimsuit: oldnavy